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CodeDOM features applicable to TypeScript but not supported in TypeScriptCodeDom

  1. CodeCastExpression
  2. CodeGotoStatement
  3. CodeLabeledStatement
  4. CodeMemberMethod.TypeParameters

If you need to utilize these CodeDOM features for generating TypeScript codes, please raise some issues or vote existing ones. Alternatively you may download the source codes and add the feature needed. For quick fix, you may just use CodeSnippetExpression or CodeSnippetStatement.

CodeDOM features not applicable to TypeScript

  1. CodeDefaultValueExpression
  2. CodeDirectionExpression
  3. CodePropertySetValueReferenceExpression
  4. CodeEntryPointMethod
  5. Nested CodeTypeDeclaration
  6. CodeTypeConstructor. Static constructor could has another approach as described in


  1. CodeEventReferenceExpression
  2. CodeAttachEventStatement
  3. CodeRemoveEventStatement
  4. CodeDelegateCreateExpression
  5. CodeDelegateInvokeExpression

Events in Javascript are basically HTML DOM things, and TypeScript hasn't got its own event bus.

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